Vision / Mission / Principles

VISION:  CNYBAC creates and sustains an academically-partnered ecosystem that drives biotech innovation with global reach.


CNYBAC is a proactive support facility for biotech startups that generate new jobs, job training, and expand business opportunities within the Central New York Upstate region and New York State. 

CNYBAC wet and dry laboratory facilities licensed to for-profit biotech startups include state-of-the-art facilities, staff assistance, and shared equipment at competitive licensing fees.  As a SUNY incubator, clients also gain access to SUNY Insure, as well as SUNY and partner university research expertise and equipment.  Essential business services and industry-specific resources, to include advanced educational programming; vetted service providers and experienced mentors provide comprehensive systems and teams that potentiate success.

 To advance the Vision and Mission of CNYBAC we will continue to:

  • Provide facilities and management of building needs to accommodate biotech clients.
  • Offer, develop, and evaluate services and resources matching client needs.
  • Promote commercialization and monetization.
  • Support monthly Cultivate Series educational programming and annual Commercializing Biotech Innovation conference.
  • Expand service provider and mentor networks.
  • Strengthen existing partnerships while developing new opportunities for collaboration.
  • Market CNYBAC and leverage connections and synergistic innovation opportunities with ecosystem.
  • Match and assist in coordinating introductions to translational researchers, entrepreneurs and CNYBAC clients with industry partners to accelerate commercialization opportunities.
  • Leverage industry relationships for educational programming and mentorship.


CNYBAC commits to the two core principles of business incubation as developed by the International National Business Incubation Association (iNBIA):

  • The CNYBAC aspires to have a positive impact on its community's economic health by maximizing the success of emerging companies.
  • The CNYBAC is a dynamic model of a sustainable, efficient business operation.