Pelitex is a Product Development and Technology Licensing firm with an IP license to practice and exploit a key disruptive technology called Nanogradient™ materials.Nanogradient™ is a customizable nanoscale alloy that exhibits magnetic, electrical, thermal, mechanical, and anti-­‐corrosive properties critical to the performance of products across many market and industry sectors. This technology is utilized to fabricate pure nano-­‐scale materials that exhibit high super-­‐paramagnetic characteristics as well as extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity. Additionally, the material is exceptionally stable, impermeable, and resistant to corrosion. It can also be functionalized, magnetically tuned, and chemically conjugated to address a number of difficult problems across multiple market segments and industry applications. In broad terms, Pelitex’s technology has performance advantages and competitive attributes in just about any industry area where ferric oxide is used for its magnetic capabilities. The Nanogradient™ technology was developed over the last ten years, and is now a seminal platform technology capable of changing/disrupting the market landscape now occupied by iron oxide, due to its extremely enhanced magnetism, stability, and related attributes.


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