A highly innovative approach has been optimized for efficient generation, selection, and expansion of high affinity monoclonal antibodies with neutralizing activity and unique amino acid structure. A fully human antibody could significantly reduce potential immune responses, as compared to antibody therapeutics that contain nonhuman components.

ILGEN's technology allows to detect and generate different specific high-affinity fully human antibodies for antibody-based therapy and diagnosis. In addition to cancer treatment many other conditions effectively treated by an ILGEN's human antibodies could include infections, rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, vascular and lymphoproliferative disordes. ILGEN has patent application.

The therapeutic or diagnostic fully human antibodies and fusion proteins of the present technology are those derived from human tissues with further possibility to be purified, scale-up produced appropriate quantities and used in treatment or diagnosis of human diseases as pharmaceutical agents.

Advantage of our approach is a significant reduction in turnaround time. It typically takes 1-2 years to obtain functionally validated and sequenced antibodies using traditional hybridoma and humanization methods or phage libraries. In con­trast, it would take no more than 6 months using our approach.

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