Upstate 3D Printing Initiative

Upstate 3D Printing Initiative

Upstate Medical Students Create 3D-Printed Prosthetics

Medical Students:  Zach Visco, Eric Merrell and Jade Marhaba

Three SUNY Upstate Medical University students have already created two plastic hand models. They'll allow a child or adult to pick up an object or hold a cup. 

It's all thanks to the the Upstate Biotech Accelerator.

Zach Visco says it takes about a day to produce and assemble the prosthetic. Among the benefits -- accessibility and cost.  

Patients would be paying about $20 instead of thousands.

"We know kids are going to be breaking them," said Visco. "We know kids like to test them out, kids are going to fall, kids are going to outgrow things. So, if we kind of remove the stress of a child breaking or growing out of their prosthetic for a family, we know they will get a lot more use, stress-free use out of this device."

The students are trying to find a person in need of the device.

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