Rapid Cure Technologies

Rapid Cure Technologies

A CNY start up company moving forward ( RCT in the News) 8/2/2016

Rapid Cure Technologies, located in East Syracuse, NY is the first of hopefully many successful graduates of the Central New York Biotech Accelerator (CNYBAC). Rapid Cure Technologies occupied wet lab spaces at the CNYBAC in 2012 and spun out into their own research & manufacturing facility in 2014 after receiving a Commercialization Assistance Program (CAP) grant to support innovation in green technologies. Rapid Cure Technologies started its business in 2011 at the Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse, NY.

Rapid Cure Technologies develops and manufactures products that uses an environmentally friendly method of curing a material from a liquid to a solid in just seconds. It uses a combination of ultraviolet (UV) light and electron beam (EB) technologies as the curing mechanism. The energy-curable system delivers faster drying time, less energy consumption, 100% solid material and VOC free. Their chemistries can be tailored to increase manufacturing efficiencies and meet an unmet technical challenge with current technologies in the market. The main focus is on resins, coatings, adhesives, and inks for the UV curing markets. Some of their applications includes coatings for automotive application, electrical industry, corrosion protection, sealing compound for fiber optics, fiber reinforced composites, laminating adhesives, wood preservation, concrete coating, etc.

Rapid Cure Technologies also supports SUNY Environmental Sciences and Forestry (ESF), Rapid Cure Technologies has an activate part in teaching the Radiation Curing Program at the college which is available to students and industry professionals.

Rapid Cure Technologies is owned by Tim Shaughnessy and Dan Montoney, both of them have spent years in this technology and adjacent technologies which brings years of business and science experience to this industry.

Tim is also a new CNYBAC Advisory Board Member who will be particularly helpful in providing the perspective of a prior occupant and graduate.

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