Upstate Medical University

CNYBAC presents: Managing Contractual Risk

Kirsten Shepard, CISR, CIC, Sr. Risk Management Consultant – Contractual Risk Transfer, OneGroup

Your organization has dreams and goals for success. Whether it is designing 3D printed bones, developing a new cancer treatment, or discovering new breakthroughs in genome study, your achievements make this world a better place. While any new step requires a degree of risk-taking, the ability to be proactive in identifying and mitigating risk is crucial to the survival of your project.  Contractual risk transfer can be an invaluable tool for most organizations, especially in high-risk operations or when there’s a reliance on third-party service providers. Making sure you’re not responsible for oversights or errors made by a service provider can help protect your company from liability outside of your control.

Presenter:  Kirsten Shepard, CIC, CISR Elite
Sr. Risk Management Consultant, OneGroup

Contractual risk transfer is a business strategy designed to reduce the cost of risk by transferring certain risks to another entity.  As a Certified Insurance Counselor and Certified Insurance Service Representative, Kirsten brings her experience in commercial insurance to her role as a risk manager. Specializing in contractual risk transfer, Kirsten works with her clients to identify opportunities for risk transfer, and to establish minimum required insurance for their downstream relationships.