Upstate Medical University

CNYBAC Presents: Product Development - A Bumpy Path to Success

Robert J. Incerto, Director of Engineering, Manufacturing & Technology Enterprise Center (MTEC), Newburgh, NY


As an inventor or entrepreneur,  you often come up with the one in a lifetime idea. Be it a solution to an age-old problem or a new concept to revolutionize an industry, the next question is “How do I transform the idea to a manufacturable product?”. The path to success always has unforeseen challenges, and being prepared is crucial.

This session will guide you through the basics of hardware design and challenge you to optimize the manufacturability of your product. The goal is to provide steps to help you improve your product, reduce its cost, accelerate commercialization, and give your company the best chances for success.

Speaker Bio

Robert Incerto is the Principal Engineer and Director of MTECs Engineering Consulting Services (ECS) division. ECS provides product solutions and prototype designs to meet the needs of small to medium manufacturers in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. Bob leads a staff of engineers, programmers and student interns to envision, design, enhance, and commercialize products.

Bob has 40+ years’ experience in semiconductor design and manufacturing with IBM, MiCrus, Phillips Semiconductors and NXP. At IBM, he led the design teams which provide the processor technology to IBM high end mainframes, before holding various leadership positions across the gamut of IBM’s semiconductor business. As a senior executive at MiCrus, Phillips and NXP, he was responsible for partnering with customers to assure on-time production ordering and deliveries, prototype introduction and service satisfaction. He was responsible for assuring that the quality, environmental, safety and health business practices met or exceeded the standards of customers and regulatory organizations. He was also responsible for the site Information Technology Systems and Application.

Besides his leadership, he brings a wealth of engineering knowledge and experience to our clients and also mentors our interns as they develop their careers.  Bob holds a BSEE from Polytechnic Institute of New York and an MSEE from Syracuse University. He has received multiple awards for outstanding technical and management achievements.