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Fierce Pharma and the Center for Breakthough Medicines Presents: High-Quality, Phase Appropriate Plasmid Manufacturing to Accelerate Advanced Therapies Webinar

Three of the biggest plasmid challenges faced by advanced therapies companies are long lead times, ensuring continuity and consistency during early stages of development through commercialization, and variable quality and yield. Choosing a phase-appropriate plasmid manufacturing strategy is crucial to navigating these challenges with speed and quality.

This webinar will provide best-in-class strategies for plasmid development & manufacturing to accelerate advanced therapies from bench to bedside. CBM experts will cover off-the-shelf plasmids to fully customized solutions for a wide range of research, preclinical, clinical, and commercial applications, all confirmed with next-generation sequencing (NGS) to ensure the best source of starting material based on the development stage of any advanced therapy program. 

Cell & gene therapy developers will learn:

  • How a platform manufacturing process delivers superior quality plasmids
  • What phase-appropriate grades should be used for pre-clinical through commercial purposes
  • Benefits and tradeoffs of using off-the-shelf vs custom constructs during development
  • Examples of NGS confirmation detecting variants down to 5%

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Dana Cipriano
Dana Cipriano

Dana Cipriano joined Center for Breakthrough Medicines as the Senior Vice President, Testing and Analytical Services & Nucleic Acids in 2020. She brings over 20+ years of experience in designing processes and programs to drive sustainable growth and scalability in cell and gene therapy and biologics testing services. Formerly, Dana ran tactical implementation plans and monitored key milestones to drive delivery of organizational objectives at WuXi Advanced Therapies where she directed operations for cell and gene therapy and biologics testing.

John Bowen
John Bowen

John Bowen is the Senior Director of Plasmids & Nucleic Acid Operations at Center for Breakthrough Medicines. He worked as a Senior Scientist in the Viral Vector Cell Culture Technical Development team at Novartis Gene Therapies. He supported licensure and CMC activities for Zolgensma while leading upstream technical development efforts on the pre-clinical AAV pipeline.  Part of Novartis’s Plasmid Management Team, he supported multiple external plasmid CDMOs. John also worked as a process engineer at Merck. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.