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FuzeHub Presents: Hardware Prototype Workshop- Take Your Concept from Prototype to Production Ready

If you have a product concept or prototype that solves a problem but aren’t sure how to transform it into a manufacturable product, then this workshop is for you.

Whether you’re still testing out your prototype or are ready to ramp up production, the path to success always has unforeseen challenges, and being prepared is crucial. That’s why we created FuzeHub’s “Hardware Prototyping Workshop,” a hands-on event where experts and mentors will guide you through the basics of hardware design and challenge you to optimize the manufacturability of your product. The goal is to provide steps to help you improve your product, reduce its cost, accelerate commercialization, and give your company the best chances for success.

Workshop Topics Include:
  • How to Design the Best Version of your Product for Maximum Success
  • How to Find Resources to Support Engineering, Prototyping and Testing
  • Developing an Intelligent Bill of Materials to Lower Costs
  • Facilities Tour – SUNY New Paltz 3D Printing Center
  • Tips for Working with a Contract Manufacturer
  • Marketing Strategies to Generate Product Interest
  • Upcoming Funding Opportunities

This 1-day session will provide participants with expertise and tangible exercises that directly support their product design/build needs by identifying potential manufacturing issues early in the product development process.

The workshop introduces design for manufacturability and lean product design concepts. Utilizing hands-on exercises and a structured methodology, participants will evaluate their product design from multiple perspectives, detail their Bill of Materials, investigate production methods, and learn to anticipate potential failure modes.

Space is limited and this event will fill up fast. Register now to get a seat at the table.

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