Upstate Medical University

Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing Presents: Planning for Multiple Product Indications and Presentations

Your company has developed a biological product. Often the “norm” is drugs being studied and developed for one indication, and for administration in acute care settings, where planning for success is one-dimensional. For many newer drugs, however, the launch process does not stop, or start, with this end goal in mind. Now, products are being studied for multiple indications, either in the same therapy area or in a new one, while also being developed in multiple presentations (e.g. vials, syringes, on-body devices) to adapt to administration in either chronic or non-hospital settings. Planning for success has now become multi-dimensional, and organizations must continue to stay launch ready.


In this webinar we’ll explore multiple scenarios and explore how to leverage experience to achieve a rolling momentum including:


  • Preplanning for the manufacturing of multiple scenarios of products being studied for multiple indications
  • How to plan forward when selecting one vs. multiple CDMOs
  • Evaluating and ensuring supple chain resilience over multiple product presentations

Speakers To Be Announced