Upstate Medical University

MedTech Presents: Ask the Experts - Q&A Session "Earn the Commute"

                                     Ask the Experts - Q&A Session
                                             "Earn the Commute"
                                      September 28, 12-12:30 pm

Business environments are transforming rapidly. More than ever, it's critical for organizations to ensure that they not only attract future hires but also keep their current employees engaged, especially when they are required to work on-site. An engaged and motivated workforce is vital for an organization's resilience, adaptability, and ongoing success.

Our experts will bring a wealth of experience, providing actionable tactics that you can use to strengthen your organization's on-site workforce management. This webinar is a must-attend for anyone seeking to enhance their workforce strategies in the face of evolving business landscapes. Engage with us in this enriching discussion and equip yourself with the tools to create a resilient, motivated, and committed on-site workforce.

We're pleased to have Alaant Workforce Solutions design this webinar specifically for MedTech members! Join us on September 28th for this extremely relevant topic.

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