Kingston Syracuse Pathway Cross Border Conference

June 7, 2022

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June 7 - Kingston Syracuse Pathway (KSP) Cross Border Conference

Restrictions have been lifted and the border is opening up. Kingston is pleased to be hosting the KSP conference this spring.  The partnership reaches across the Canadian and US borders. Unlocking collaborations between leaders, businesses, and government institutions. This year the conference will be focusing on the health and life sciences sectors topics include Vaccines, Global Health, Infectious Diseases, Health Care Systems, and the changes COVID-19 has put on them. The full-day event will have a keynote speaker, panel discussions, pitch competition, and fireside chat. 

Why Attend?

  • Learn about game-changing trends 
  • Share new ways to improve health care 
  • Network with Ontario and New York State Leaders 

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For Schedule: KSP-Schedule2.pdf

In-person event with limited capacity on June 7th. The conference will be in the Bellevue Ballroom in the Holiday inn 2 Princess Street. Discounted rooms at the Holiday inn are available

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