Upstate Medical University

CNYBAC presents: Revolutionizing Pathology - The Impact of AI and Digital Pathology on Current Practice and Their Role in Precision Oncology

Presenter: Tamara Jamaspishvili, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director, SUNY Upstate Pathology Research Core & Digital Pathology, Department of Pathology

Pathology, a fundamental field of medicine and research, is undergoing a transformative change driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Pathology.  Many clinical and research pathology labs show that AI-powered algorithms are enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses, minimizing bias and human errors. AI can identify new insights and patterns hidden from human eyes but identifiable by computers. Numerous studies, including Dr Jamaspishvili’s research, show that these new approaches using AI better risk stratify patients and may lead to improved outcomes. This presentation will discuss the benefits these technologies bring to current pathology practices. Also will discuss specific applications of AI in pathology, including cancer detection, prognostication, disease classification, and predictive analytics, including the challenges and opportunities it may present.  Furthermore, Dr Jamaspishvili will present the results of her ongoing research projects that focus on developing quantitative AI-based methods that better characterize biomarkers for bad clinical outcome prediction in cancer patients. From this presentation, the audience will learn why AI-based approaches and quantitative medicine are important for precision oncology, what challenges we may face in adopting these techniques in clinical practice and potential solutions, including future directions for this field.


Speaker Bio:

Dr Jamaspishvili earned her MD and completed a residency program in Tbilisi, Georgia, followed by a PhD in Pathology at Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic. She completed two competitive pathology research fellowships at Queen's University in Canada. She joined Upstate as an assistant professor and and Director of SUNY UpState Pathology Research Core & Digital Pathology (SUNY SPORE) at the Department of Pathology at Upstate University. Core provides histology and digital pathology support to internal and external researchers, including biopharma and private companies, in conducting high-quality research. The core is also open to academia-industry partnerships and research collaborations, especially in cancer research and digital pathology, which is the primary focus of Dr Jamaspishvili’s research.  Dr Tamara Jamaspishvili is a research pathologist and translational research scientist focusing on developing and validating tissue-based prognostic and predictive biomarkers and models to improve disease prognostication and management of cancer patients. Dr Jamaspishvili and her multi-disciplinary group of researchers develop innovative strategies to advance biomarker assessment using quantitative digital pathology, computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) that would impact cancer research and, ultimately, clinical practice.  

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