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SUNY Upstate Pathology Research CORE (SPORE) with Tamara Jamaspishvili, MD, PhD

Learn about the SUNY Upstate Pathology Research CORE (SUNY SPORE) from Director, Tamara Jamaspishvili, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director, SUNY Upstate Pathology Research Core & Digital Pathology, Department of Pathology

SUNY SPORE is part of the Department of Pathology at SUNY Upstate Medical University. A core facility provides efficient, high-quality histology and digital pathology lab services for fee-for-service to the Upstate research community, external researchers and private sector companies (pharma/biotech).  In addition to core lab services, SUNY SPORE is open for research collaborations with academic organizations and academia/industry partnerships. Our goal is to create a dynamic research environment for interdisciplinary researchers, clinicians, and pathologists, impacting patients' quality of life by supporting research projects and delivering high-quality research services.   

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