RF SUNY and NYS Department of Financial Services presents-Part III: Risks in Crypto Innovation (Virtual)

May 24, 2021
12:00 PM EST

Free Event 

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Overview – With consumer interest at all-time highs, the crypto innovation space offers massive opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors, from both Wall Street and Main Street, to make money. However, with this potential for outsize returns and the sector’s relative nascency, there come significant risks to the different sets of stakeholders operating in crypto. It is critical to gain a better understanding of what it will take to normalize crypto currencies and the risks associated with them while striking a balance to not stifle innovation but rather encourage the development of new technology in this area. These risks require regulations and structures in order to create more certainty in the market. The third and final part of the Fintech Innovation Series will provide a non-technical overview of the major risks and the regulatory landscape for crypto innovation.

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