2020 Medical Device Innovation Challenge (MDIC) Application

MDIC Application Review and Selection Process:  
  • Applications will be accepted January 1 through May 31.  No applications will be accepted after May 31.
  • The MDIC Review Committee will review all applications to select those who will be invited for Interviews.  
  • CNYBAC staff will confirm Interview Sessions with the applicant in June.  Those not selected will be notified.
  • The MDIC Review Committee will convene in July to select 5-7 MDIC participants. 
  • Selected 2020 MDIC Participants are notified.Program starts August 1.
  • MDIC Mentors are assigned to each 2020 MDIC Participant and 1st Mentor Meeting is scheduled to set the 6-month Iterative Project Plan.
  • 2020 MDIC Participants may elect to utilize space in the CNY Biotech Accelerator Creation Garage or participate virtually.
1) Is your innovation/idea a medical device?
2) Was your innovation/idea developed as part of your specific role at a University and/or with University resources/facilities?
3) What stage of development are you in?
4) Check all below that fit your needs:
5) Will you be attending program activities on-site or virtually?
6) Participants will be required to participate in monthly milestone/mentor meetings which can be done in person or via conference call. Are you able to commit to attend monthly meetings scheduled at your convienience?
8) Is your innovation an upgrade to an existing marketed medical device?
9) Do you have investment/funding currently to assist with commercializing your device?