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JelikaLite Awarded NSF SBIR Phase 1 Grant for EEG-Guided Intelligent Transcranial Photobiomodulation to Reduce Symptoms of Autism

We are thrilled to announce that client, JelikaLite, was awarded a National Science Foundation grant SBIR Phase 1: "EEG-guided intelligent transcranial photobiomodulation to reduce symptoms of autism".   

This new $256K grant will allow us to continue developing Cognilum, an non-invasive therapeutic personalized medical device, designed to be easily administered in the child’s home.  This data-device modality could be disruptive in the Autism treatment standard of care, as it may provide an effective personalized treatment while simultaneously enabling cost-effective access to proper healthcare for children.  

Thank you to all our collaborators and the numerous people who provided helpful feedback and support along the way. 

Katya Sverdlov, CFA, Esq.
Co-Founder, CEO
JelikaLite Corp.

Information provided by Jelikalite.
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