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AptaMatrix, Inc. Receives $2M NIH SBIR Phase II Award

CNYBAC Client AptaMatrix, Inc. Receives $2M NIH Small Business Innovation Research Phase II Award

AptaMatrix, Inc., a Syracuse-based biotech company focused on developing aptamer-based technologies for diagnostic applications, announces that it has been awarded a $2M Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The Phase II award will allow AptaMatrix to develop and optimize their novel, aptamer-based, plasma proteome assay designed to operate on existing high throughput DNA sequencing systems. This assay aims to provide deep analysis of the human plasma proteome for detection and characterization of novel prostate cancer biomarkers. If successful, clinical and research laboratories could use this assay to diagnose cancer and monitor the progress of treatment.  If successful, the AP3 - Assay will be expanded for detection of other diseases beyond cancer.

“The collective protein profile of human blood plasma is a potential, untapped wealth of information on one's health,” said Mark McPike, AptaMatrix CEO. “We aim to create the most comprehensive aptamer library on the market for profiling the estimated 10,000 proteins present in human plasma (i.e. the plasma proteome). Optimizing this assay for the existing installed base of next-gen DNA sequencers should allow us to rapidly deploy the assay for field testing of validated disease targets. We anticipate our assay will also be an incredibly invaluable research tool, enabling the discovery of novel biomarkers for a variety of diseases. It would be wonderful if the assay could one day serve as the most comprehensive blood test on the market, providing a snapshot of your plasma proteome, and a detailed profile of your overall health."

About AptaMatrix
AptaMatrix, Inc. is a Syracuse-based company specializing in versatile aptamer identification methods. AptaMatrix was the first company to advance aptamer discovery using next-gen DNA sequencing methods, allowing for rapid aptamer identification against biomolecular targets for use in diagnostic applications. Their proprietary aptamer discovery methods include AIA™ (Acyclic Identification of Aptamers) together with ALE™ (Accelerated Library Evolution) and mAIA™ (multiplexed Acyclic Identification of Aptamers).
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Mark McPike, PhD
CEO, AptaMatrix

Syracuse, NY (Press Release provided by AptaMatrix, January 11, 2021)