Upstate Medical University

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Presents: Health Equity 101-What it Means and Why it Matters Webinar Series (Session 2)

The issue of health equity in America is gaining attention as more people realize its extraordinary potential to improve lives, enhance the nation’s economy, and further our collective goals of achieving greater diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organizations and across our country. The stark differences people experience as they grow up manifest in myriad ways, but perhaps none more starkly than in the disparate healthcare access and outcomes that occur in our society.

This workshop focuses on identifying all aspects of health equity so that innovators may design more equitable solutions for everyone.

The panelists will discuss several important and related issues, including:

- Assessing equity within your organization and recognizing the social determinants of health

- Determining strategies life sciences organizations can deploy to enhance health equity

- Identifying the internal and external challenges organizations face when implementing health equity solutions

- Articulating the positive outcomes resulting from health equity

The session will be an interactive and open conversation, allowing you the opportunity to offer your impressions and questions with the goal of gaining a more clear and nuanced understanding of what health equity means and why it matters.