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Announcing the 2017 Medical Device Innovation Challenge (MDIC) Participants

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Upstate MIND at CNY Biotech Accelerator
841 E. Fayette St.,Syracuse, NY 13210

We are very excited to announce our 2017 MDIC Participants.  The 7 companies selected by the MDIC Review Committee will innovate within the Upstate MIND Creation Garage from August 2017 through January 2018.  All MDIC Participants receive access to Upstate Medical University researchers and equipment, coordination of Innovation Ecosystem resources and mentor-ship, fee-waived registrations to the Concept to Commercialization Boot Camp and NEXT Innovation Conference and free space within the Upstate MIND Creation Garage to assist in their early discovery phase of medical device commercialization. 

Applications for the 2018 MDIC program will be available January 2018, visit for more information.

 MDIC 2017 Selected Participants:



EndoGlow designs and manufactures fluorescent medical devices that improve patient safety, enhance surgical efficiency, and reduce costs.

Team Members:
Jay E. Reeder, PhD, President and Chief Operating Officer
Paula Jaye Doyle, MD , Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

ISEE Loyal Tech is a medical device development startup headquartered in Syracuse, NY. We intend to design, patent, and market ophthalmological devices that make a meaningful difference in patient’s life. ISEE ’s primary focus is in the area of glaucoma prevention and treatment. Our innovative technology helps glaucoma patients by providing a home-use medical device with data transfer service. It is a user-friendly device that enables real time eye pressure measurement and eye pressure data tracking. 

Team Members:
Feida Chen
Tao Yang
Jifu Yao
Zan Li


ModoScript is a healthcare company looking to disrupt the healthcare industry through the Pill-Safe digital health system. The Pill-Safe system is a business to business platform for physicians, health insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and law enforcement to combat and reduce the costs associated to prescription drug abuse, patient non-adherence, overdose, under-dose, and prescription drug trafficking. ModoScript's platform is projected to be enforced by the industry to combat the largest epidemic of prescription drug abuse affecting our nation.

Team Members:
David L. Zuleta, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Samuel Banahene

One Stone Technology, LLC is focused on developing solutions to support sustained behavior modification to improve health and wellness. Agate, our flagship offering, is a Patient Engagement/Messaging platform that supports direct communication between patients/subscribers and their clinical team or health coach. The objective is to improve activation and outcomes by providing timely, personalized messaging that enhance an individual's knowledge, motivation and confidence to take a more active role in the management of their health.

Team Members:
Wendy Scinta, MD, MS, FAAFP, FOMA, Medical Director
Mary Ann Tyszko
Nathan Wendel


Simpler Links

Harris Skeele Corporation, DBA Simpler Links, has developed a significant improvement in Foley Catheter Securement Devices. What is unique about our offering is its ability to reliably track Dwell-Time (up to seven days).  While preventing traumatic shearing forces on the urinary tract system in the same manner as our competitors. Simpler Links, a medical device company by nurses for nurses.

Team Members:
Sherod Harris, President
Trina Skeele, Vice-President



Superlative BioSciences Corporation:

A biosciences product and service company based in Syracuse, NY.  The company plans to develop, validate, and market its Stem Cellular Toxicology Service – a system of medical device in vitro diagnostics in the field of human developmental toxicology that uses human umbilical cord and placental stem cells in tissue culture instead of animals.  A series of rapid, robust, and reliable assays will be used to determine what adverse developmental effects may result from chemical exposure (hazard identification) and at what level of exposure these effects occur (exposure/dose–response relationships).  Superlative BioSciences Corp's Stem Cellular Toxicology Service will be run in the company's laboratories as a service-for-a-fee to clients involved in the development of safe and efficacious chemicals, fuel-industry additives, agricultural and cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer goods. It is also hoped that the company's Stem Cellular Toxicology Service will provide useful knowledge about the mechanisms of chemically-induced biological activity, help to prioritize chemicals for more extensive toxicological evaluation, inform on the role of genetic diversity in toxicological effects, and support more predictive models of in vivo biological response.

Team Member:
Joseph F. Tarsio, MBA, PhD

Costello Prosthetic Warmers, LLC

Costello Prosthetic Warmers, LLC, is a medical device startup founded by Bryan Costello, a lower leg amputee who invented its first product, the Costello Heatsleeve. The Costello Heatsleeve is based on a patented technology that applies therapeutic heat to the amputee’s stump as well as the prosthesis in order to ease pain and make the prosthesis more comfortable for the wearer.


Team Members:
Bryan Costello


THANK YOU to all who applied for the MDIC Innovation Challenge. 



The Upstate MIND – a Medical Innovation and Novel Discovery Center within the CNY Biotech Accelerator – is providing a grant-funded program to assist early stage medical device innovators. Participants/teams accepted into the six-month program (mid-July through January) receive FREE workspace in the Upstate MIND Creation Garage and fee-waived registration to the “Concept to Commercialization” Bootcamp as well as access to resources, equipment and mentorship. Upstate MIND MDIC Participants will:

  • Gain access to University researchers and graduate students
  • Produce marketing and customer data
  • Develop and test early prototypes
  • Determine regulatory strategy
  • Develop a Business Plan and Pitch Presentation
  • Gain assistance from Innovation Ecosystem mentors and provider networks

Upstate MIND MDIC Participant Benefits and Awards
All participants receive fee-waived registration to the “Concept to Commercialization” Bootcamp – a value of $240 per team member.  Selected MDIC graduate(s) will receive a Platinum Pass to apply to Buffalo’s 43NORTH $5M innovation competition.  Selected MDIC graduate(s) will be receive an additional 6 months’ free space within the Creation Garage – valued at $1050.  One MDIC graduate/team will be awarded a Patent Landscape performed by ICIP Consultants – a $5,000-$10,000 value

The first MDIC participants are in the process of selection.  The 2018 applications will be available January 1.

For questions or more info call  315-464-9288, 315-464-9290 or email  

CreatGarageThe Upstate MIND MDIC Review Committee will select participants based on clarity of innovation idea, the lead applicant/team members, scalability and product viability.

MDIC Review Commitee:

Jack Rudnick, Chair, NYSTLC, Syracuse University
Mike Riedlinger, Co-Chair, High-Tech Rochester
Kathi Durdon, Co-Chair, CNY Biotech Accelerator
Xavier Aguirre, Welch Allyn/Hill-Rom
Nasir Ali, StartFast
Gary Brennan, Welch Allyn/Hill-Rom
Sam Carello, Upstate
Robert Corona, Upstate/CNYBAC
Jud Gostin, CNYBAC Advisory Board Member
John Boger, Heslin Rothenberg Farley Mesiti
Chris Horacek, ICIP Consulting
Rami Katz, Excell Partners and CNYBAC Advisory Board Member
Marnie LaVigne, Launch NY
Susan Mangicaro, S. Scott Global, LLC
Joe McCoy, CNYBAC Advisory Board Member
David Mankiewicz, CenterState CEO
Dave Quinn, Welch Allyn/Hill-Rom
Chuck Storman, StartFast
Esther Vargas, RPI
Marc Viggiano, StartFast


Upstate MIND MDIC is brought to you by:

CNY Biotech Accelerator, High Tech Rochester and NYS Science + Technology Law Center at Syracuse University