Upstate Medical University

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Presents: Intentional Inclusion- Best Practices for Building a Positive and Inclusive Company Culture Webinar Series (Session 2)

Incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the fabric of your organization is an ambitious but very achievable goal. Diverse teams that operate with a shared sense of responsibility and purpose tend to foster inclusive cultures, where everyone feels equally valued, respected, and heard. Inclusive cultures serve as the glue that builds and holds together great organizations and serve as magnets to increase loyalty and retention among your most talented workers.

This workshop focuses on why workplace inclusivity matters and how to foster it within a start-up environment.

The panelists will discuss several important and related issues, including:

- Defining the components that create an inclusive workplace culture

- Integrating culture throughout all layers of the organization

- Leveraging a healthy workplace culture to attract top diverse talent

- Sustaining and continually improving an inclusive workplace culture over time

The session will be an interactive and open conversation, allowing you the opportunity to offer your impressions and questions with the goal of gaining a clear and nuanced understanding of inclusive workplace cultures.