Upstate Medical University

Nash Rodent Models: From Design to Cohort Webinar

In this webinar, get up to speed on all things NASH, and prepare to run a successful study with a custom NASH genetically engineered model (GEM). 

 There are many preclinical models of NASH, using both rats and mice, and novel models continue to be developed. Diet conditioning is a common approach to generate NASH rodents. The starting animal line can be from an inbred strain or outbred stock, a commercially-available GEM strain, or a novel GEM designed to mimic relevant human mutations.  

 Since a newly generated GEM may exist as only one or more founder animals, it’s important to have a plan to rapidly expand and generate study cohorts in order to meet drug discovery timelines. Generating a new genetically engineered NASH model is just the start. Executing a successful study on the fastest timeline possible requires expertise in model design and generation, innovative breeding plans, and careful project management. This webinar gives examples of model generation and study cohort production for NASH research, and addresses the steps you need to take before you start your study. 

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