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Former CNYBAC MDIC Graduate and CEO of Avant Medical Systems Sheridan Heinrichs Creates a New and Innovative Transfer Board Which Measures Patient Weight

Patient Transfer Scale accurately measures body weight of immobile patients.

NORTH POLE, AK -- Avant Medical Systems, Inc., Marsden, and Health o meter provide accurate and effective medical care with the patient transfer scale, a new and innovative transfer board which measures weight.

"We are excited to work in conjunction with Marsden and Health o meter to promote the patient transfer scale, which is the only lightweight, transportable device on the market to accurately acquire the body weight of an immobile patient,” said Avant CEO Sheridan Heinrichs. 

The patient transfer scale can help decrease door to needle times, improve patient and staff safety by decreasing the number of patient transfers, and increase confidence that the patient is being weighed accurately.  Currently, immobile patients are weighed with either a weighing bed or a hoist scale, and in some instances, staff members estimate weight.  These options are not ideal as they can be time consuming, unavailable, cumbersome to use and inaccurate.

"The Patient Transfer Scale is a revolutionary idea and it will help hospitals deliver better patient care by weighing them with dignity and prescribing drug dosages with confidence,” said Marsden Managing Director Richard Black. “This scale is the first of its type in the world - and we believe it can change the way hospitals operate globally.”

“The Patient Transfer Scale is a revolutionary new weighing scale that will have huge benefits for patients,” said Health o meter Professional Senior Product Manager Scott Gottman.

For more information, feel free to contact Scott Gottman or Sheridan Heinrichs.

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